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How does it work?

Refer to http://fortunefreebies.com/howitworks.php page

Why has my account been put on hold?

You can open a support ticket to find out the exact reason why your account has been placed on hold. Usually it is due to offer fraud, or referral fraud.

Why can't I click on the offers?

You must be logged on to click on offers, and if it still doesn't work, we recommend enabling cookies. For more information, take a look at the (link to How It Works page), or send us an email at support@fortunefreebies.com.

Why is the website not loading properly?

A common problem is that your browser is out of date. We try to make the website accessible to everyone, however you may want to try updating your browser if the problem persists.

Why do my referrals get redirected to a blocked page or a 404 page?

Due to the nature of this website, people with IP addresses with a record or fraudulent activity, or those entering through a proxy server will not be able to gain access to FortuneFreebies.

Why have my completed offers not been credited yet?

Sometimes it takes time for offers to be completed, and to arrive into our system yet. If the problem persists contact us at support@fortunefreebies.com.


If you have any more questions then please contact us at support@fortunefreebies.com.